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Intensive Care By Air

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Email address: help@airambulanceaustralasia.com

You found us…

Welcome to Air Ambulance Australasia

Combining the resources and skills of Air Ambulance New Zealand Limited. with Air Ambulance Australia PTY Limited. together to bring you an Oceania wide International Air Ambulance and Personal Medical Escort service.

We provide caring and personalised services focusing on Excellence in Clinical Care, Best Practice and transparency.

We have a wide range of services led by industry recognised experts ready to assist you.

Let us help to take the worry and stress out of your situation with an expertly tailored, clinically appropriate, affordable and transparent solution.

Let’s get started…

Steps to a successful medevac operation or inter-city patient transfer.

1). The first thing we need to do is obtain the right information, Step One is you retain a clinical assessment from our Expert Doctors, as to patient condition, transport options, and any associated risks.
This involves our Intensive Care or Emergency Medicine Consultants speaking with the treating Doctor. We then recommend a plan of action and formal quote.

For An Immediate Assessment Click Here.

Let’s make plans…

Great, you’ve now received your assessment and some options outlined as to a treatment and transport plan. – So what happens now?

1). Our team plan the medevac or transfer and organise absolutely everything for you. – No hidden surprises.

2). We need to get key information from you about the patient and anyone accompanying them on the flight or road transfer.

Click here to submit details of the patient and any accompanying family members.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to dictate these details, we can fill them in for you.

Let’s make tracks (or contrails!)

You know we have some great options for your medevac or transfer, normally we decide which assets fit the clinical profile and budget best, but its important that you know all the options.

We always endeavour to have room for one family member on our flights.

Heres a Sample of the fleet.

Citation X

Luxury Long-range business jet with medevac configuration
8 passengers plus stretcher*
Range of 5686km
Speed of 972kmh
The Ultimate!

Learjet 45

Late Model airframes with Lifeport Stretcher system and easy load.
Six Passengers plus stretcher *
Range of 3400kms
Speed of 820kmh
enclosed lavatory.
The mainstays of the fleet!

Gulfstream G-IV

Long-range executive jet
10 Passengers*
Divan bed / Medical conversion
Flight attendant
Range 7,820km
Speed 850kmh

Citation CJ2

Light jet with an aeromedical stretcher.
Range 2,705km
Speed 704kmh
The most versatile aircraft in the fleet, ideal for short runway operations, 2 available.
Medical team plus patient and one relative maximum. Luggage limitations apply.

Super King Air 200

Single or Twin stretcher options.
Domestic operations.
2000 mile range (approx)
Quiet Smooth and late model aircraft with up to date avionics.

Helicopter Operations

NZ/ Fiji/ Australia/ Papua New Guinea

Commercial Airline Stretcher

Worldwide Service.
Specific style changes between aircraft.

Road Ambulances and Mobility or VIP Transport

We own our own fleet and have established partners to keep costs contained.

*All passenger seats are subject to individual case by case needs and criteria

Experts working together.

You wouldn’t expect your Doctor to be your Aircraft operator, or your Pilot to be your Doctor, that’s why our Company operates contractual partnerships with our aviation partners.

Our aviation partners hold Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinean Air Operators Certificates and comply with the relevant countries legislators for charter and aerial work operations.

Quality and management systems of the aviation partners were developed using the following regulations and standards.

New Zealand operations to NZ58156:2008
ISO 9001:2008

ICAO Doc 9859 Saftey Management Manual

CASA Civil Aviation order 82.3

Australian Standard AS4801-2001 SMS
ISO 9001-2015

Occupational Health and Safety Act (Vic 2004)

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (Vic 2007)

Safe work Australia model WHS Laws

BSI Quality ISO8001 Certified Systems

Aviation Operator memberships of the following

Safety Standard certifications and hull insurances are available on request.


Tom and Mary

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to thank you and your team for the kind, caring, professional manner in which they looked after Tom. The team treated us both in a warm and caring manner that helped relieve some of the pressure that we were feeling.


“It would not have been possible without Sean Coleman and his crew from Air Ambulance Australasia, who went above and beyond to help us get my sister home.”

Olympia Geary

“When I found myself stranded in a hospital in Greece, couldn’t speak the language, couldn’t get out of bed because of a busted leg, no insurance so no one would help me and had no idea what to do next, I was saved by Sean and his team, they organised flights, sent over a nurse to take me home, Even organised a small plane to get me from Christchurch to Dunedin. I was so grateful because when your in a situation like that you just don’t know what to do. They even had the food I asked for when I got off the plane! And we have been in touch ever since. So their service is much needed and appreciated all over the world. ”

Ella’s Story

After surviving a premature birth and being diagnosed with cerebral palsy, we learned our daughter Ella was a determined little girl. Ella was accepted to undergo Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy at St Louis Children’s Hospital, Missouri. This would give Ella a chance to walk. Painstakingly we managed to raise the quarter of a million dollars required and booked surgery for her fifth birthday.

What a gift!

Then, as we finalised our plans we learned that no airline would allow her to fly with the extent of her complex medical needs, specifically Ella’s unmanaged epilepsy. Sean and his team immediately recognised the importance of the task ahead. They pulled a Paediatric Intensive care team together and escorted Ella to and from St Louis safely. A year on, Ella is taking independent steps and running on her walking frame and playing shot put at school. Her epilepsy remains unmanaged, but her determination shines bright. We will be forever grateful for the generous support from Sean’s team! Arohanui